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Using an outdated business phone system might be effecting your business! Why?
Most people will upgrade their mobile devices every two years with the most common reasons for doing so including: cost, new technology, features and professional/ personal image. Whilst you don’t necessarily need to change your business phones quite as often, the same reasons to upgrade apply and not doing so could be effecting your business!
Over the last 10 years there has been as much advancements in phone systems as there has been PC’s and whilst the notion of using a 10 year old PC in your business may seem ridiculous, there are many businesses still getting by with phone systems of this age.
So what are the negative effects of continuing to use an outdated phone system?

  1. Cost– By keeping the same phones and same contracts you could be overpaying for an obsolete system. Many businesses avoid upgrading due to the perceived capital expenditure involved. However Sure Business Systems offer new devices for FREE with certain contracts so you could not only be saving money on the contract itself but also have a brand new phone system.
  2. Features – Phone features are evolving all the time and as the work environment also evolves, features such as conference calling is becoming more necessary. If your systems cannot offer these features then it creates a unnecessary headache
  3. Technology – Technology in all industries quickly becomes obsolete. Therefore if there is a problem with one of the phones then finding a replacement that works with the other devices or finding parts to repair them could prove difficult. Similarly there has been a shift towards VoIP phones which should be taken into consideration if you are looking to upgrade.
  4. Image – Whether or not you have clients visiting the office, having an old outdated phone system easily damages your professional image. If you do have clients in then they will see them but not only that, creating a professional environment for your staff to work in is just important!
  5. Customer Service – Improve your customer service experience by giving your employees power communication solutions. However, being productive just doesn’t mean working harder or longer, but also means being able to be more efficient throughout the day and remaining connected with the office. Remote home-working and mobile applications might mean being able to answer important questions or making time sensitive decisions, even while they are away from their desk.
    If it’s time for you to upgrade your phone system and you would like to find out more or to arrange a free no obligation survey then call us on 0151 363 7373!