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(4G PoC) Two Way Radio
Push To Talk Over Cellular
Push to talk over Cellular (PoC) is the next generation of two-way radio technology. Operating over cellular coverage across the UK’s 4 major networks PoC offer wide area nationwide coverage.
  • ✔  National Coverage
  • ✔  GPS & Real time tracking
  • ✔  Multi Network Sims Available
  • ✔  Lone Worker
  • ✔  Wi-Fi Compatible Devices
  • ✔  Wi-Fi Compatible Devices
Key Benefits
Wide Coverage Area
  • Wider Coverage Area
  • Use of cellular networks
  • EE, 02 and Vodaphone
  • Transmit across a wide area using (4G/LTE) SIMS.
Instant Comms
  • Push To Talk Over Celluar
  • PTT works like traditional two-way radio
  • Instant communication
  • Across all your devices.
GPS Tracking
  • Dispatcher app,
  • Track devices
  • Real-time on-screen
  • Saftey and Productivity
Versatile Contracts
  • Easily manage your data
  • No lengthy contracts to sign up to
  • 12 months of data upfront option,
  • Cost-effective solutions.
Emergency Services
  • Employee safety
  • Emergency call
  • Man down
  • Lone worker
No Infrastructure Costs
  • No need for expensive repeater systems
  • Devices can transmit across multiple floors
  • Wide area coverage
  • Multi-network sims
How It Works

1.Choose your device

You can choose from both handheld and mobile devices, which have a number of features such as display & non-display, and come with android OS , 4G , WIFI connectivity and GPS as standard.

2. Choose your application set-up

Each device requires a licence, which can be set up in different ways. For devices with a screen, there are two options embedded (devices locked down into the app restricting usage) Or professional which has full access to all Andriod OS features.

3. Choose your SIM Card

As part of SFL PTTOC system, you can select SIMs from EE, Vodaphone and 02, or alternatively, we can offer a multi-network SIM that works across X4 networks.

4.Add your dispatcher

If you would like the ability to track your devices then simply select the Dispatcher software option. This feature requires an additional annual licence.


Telo 320 Radio
Tough, easy to use with robust casing and large PTT, includes features such as GPS, LTE and NEC perfect for POC’s in time outdoor tracking and routing solution, and a Li-ion battery guarantee a long-lasting battery life.
Telo TE590 Plus Radio
The perfect device for users who need to converge multiple technologies into one powerful and rugged device; experience wide-area PTT communications whilst utilising all the tools available on an Android powered handset
Rugear RG725 Radio
Rugged beyond military standards with Push-to-Talk optimised, super clear audio and an extra bright torch. The RG725 has advanced smart audio technology, front speaker design with boosted volume to allow you to hear in loud environments.
Telo T8 Bodycam Radio
The T8 is a state of the art device that combines both a two-way radio and bodycam functionality, enabling instant radio communication over 3G/4G/Wifi and body camera video streaming with roating 2MP camera.
Telo TE620 Radio
The TE620 Telo device is a rugged and durable POC device designed to withstand extreme conditions. It measures 144mm x 66mm x 24.2mm (LWD) and weighs 282g (with battery). It is water, dust, and shockproof with an IP68 rating
Telo TEM5 Mobile
The TEM5 is a mobile PoC terminal manufactured by TeloSystems , loaded with Push to Talk International’s PTT application. This device is perfect for transport and logistics users who need wide-area PTT.

Sims, Licence, Dispatcher & App

PoC App User Licence
Working Andriod & IOS devices, our PoC APP allows you to transmit with your existing mobile device to communicate with other PoC devices.
Dispatcher Licence
The dispatcher app gives you the ability to track devices via GPS in real-time displayed on the screen. You can manage and control your fleet from the dispatcher program.
PoC User Licence
POC devices require a user licence to operate, we can provide an Annual User Licence for Telo and Hytera PoC Devices so they come working out the box.
Sim Options
Our 4G/LTE sims work across 02, EE , Vodaphone & Three providing UK coverage. We can supply both multi-network sims and provider-specific sims.

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