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The construction industry relies on good communication in order to operate safely and efficiently. Our services have been used within the construction industry for many years, providing both radio and communications solutions. Sure Business System offer arrange of Business communication solutions and network services including: Rapid and short term deployments, 4G broadband connections using a professional LTE router on mutli-network roaming Data SIMS ,4G Wi-Fi hotspots and VoIP / telephony

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We are able to provide a WiFi hotspot to construction sites, small or large and in most remote locations

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We supply broadband over multiple 4G networks, allowing us to provide both Internet and telephone services. This is the perfect way of providing Internet access for locations where standard broadband is slow or non-existent or is simply required for a short period of time

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Telephones/ VoIP

Providing a telephony solution for short-term situations or construction sites can be a long, complicated process. Our solutions can be set up in a matter of days, using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providing seamless telephone communication over a broadband connection which is both quick to set up and cost-efficient

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